Who Benefits From The Export-Import Bank Aid?


We study the effectiveness of government aid to exporters by exploring an exogenous shock that af- fected the ability of the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM) to provide aid to U.S. exporters through loan guarantees to importers. We focus on Boeing, the largest individual recipient of aid. We find that Boeing sales declined only modestly – despite Boeing’s significant reliance on EXIM for export credit. Moreover, we find that this decline is driven by financially constrained airlines or by airlines operating in countries with underdeveloped financial systems. We show that airlines in developed countries were eas- ily able to substitute EXIM guaranteed loans for private credit and thus could still purchase Boeing aircraft despite the EXIM shock. Our results are consistent with the view that government-sponsored export credit is mostly relevant for importers in countries with underdeveloped financial systems, which represent a relatively small share of total EXIM aid.

Joao Monteiro
Joao Monteiro
Assistant Professor

I am an Assistant Professor at the Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance. I am interested in Corporate Finance, International Economics, and Macroeconomics.